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What People are Saying About the Book...

Book Review by Mary Jo Vest, Manager at Organic, Inc. - Recommended Read.

Martha A. Teichner, Correspondent CBS News SUNDAY MORNING - “This book is a lifeline for anyone who struggles in secrecy and shame with incontinence. It’s inspirational. Real people tell their own stories, sharing how they’ve come to terms with their condition and have chosen to live fully, never mind the risk of embarrassment. But it’s more than a series of testimonials. It’s a how-to manual, a guide to the kind of honest self-assessment and confidence building that can lead to living life in the light of day rather than in the shadows. Congratulations to The Simon Foundation!”

Ally Bain, originator of Ally’s Law - “The book does a wonderful job of weaving in different ‘Lived Experiences’ while its authors help to inspire and cultivate a culture of empowerment. These voices from around the world will help to influence change and destigmatize incontinence through this much needed education and awareness.”

Christopher K. Payne, MD, Professor of Urology Stanford University Medical School - “I loved reading this book; it is practical and easy to read while still being scientifically accurate. It is infused with humanity, especially the unique stories from the brave souls who have struggled with incontinence. You will laugh, cry, and learn. The best thing about the book is that it is filled with useful strategies for patients with any type of Quiggle, not just incontinence. It overflows with optimism, positivity, and humor.”

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